Vacationing in Mumbai: 10 reasons why it could be your next destination

Starting from beaches to Bollywood, there are thousands of reasons to add Mumbai to your itinerary or make a complete vacation out of Mumbai. Are you looking for a few reasons to why? We have picked up the top ten reasons to why Mumbai should be your next destination.

1. Public transportation

Do you know that Mumbai’s public transportation carries the highest number of passengers per km in the whole world? In a city populated with millions of people commuting from one end to another, this is just a daily figure. Visit Mumbai to take a trip on the iconic Mumbai metro lines.

2. Clubs and lounges

The nightlife of Mumbai is vibrant and edgy. This is the city of dreams. The city never sleeps and always in hyper mode. Starting from simple bars to underground venues, you can find interesting spots in this city to spend your nights.

3. Outdoor activities

Mumbai is not just a concrete jungle. You can find interesting trekking spots, birdwatching sites, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Kalsunai peak and much more. If you love nature, do not miss Mumbai in winter.

4. Cuisine

The land is famous for interesting street food. You can live your entire vacation trying out new streetfood items. Starting from kebab to chaat items, the place is lively with street food vendors even after midnight.

5. Shopping

Mumbai is a port area and since the ancient times, the land is always filled with merchants. Today, you can find numerous shops, interesting luxury malls, ancient markets and much more here for buying everything from antique cameras to cinnamon.

6. Culture

Do you know that Mumbai is famous for its culture and legacy? The history of Mumbai dates back to BC. Visit Elephanta Caves, temples and Kanheri caves to experience the history of the land.

7. Architectural sightseeing

Mumbai does not end with rough caves with intricate designs. The rulers of ancient Mumbai had a taste for architecture. You can find many interesting ancient monuments that are worth a few hours of awes and smiles. You can also find many interesting new structures like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and others.

8. Beach activities

Name a beach activity and you will find it in Mumbai. Do you want a secluded beach for a romantic picnic? You can find it in Mumbai. Do you want to enjoy a busy and lively one? It is easy to find such beaches. Are you looking for a drive along the Marine Drive, again, Mumbai is the right place.

9. Art

Yes, there are galleries and museums that expresses the art wealth of the city. To top it all, you can find street arts and Kala Ghoda market. This market is the art market of the city to buy all sorts of art-based souvenirs.

10. Festivals

If you wish to enjoy Mumbai in the most colorful style, visit the city during any festival. Top festivals to choose are Holi, Vinayak Chaturthi, Elephanta festival, Diwali and others. You can find interesting delicacies that are made during the festivals.


Apart from these, you can find interesting temples, film city, double-decker buses, Dharavi slum, Dobi Ghat and so on. The city is a mini-miracle covered with color, culture, and courtesy. If you want to make your vacation quite interesting to take a trip to Mumbai with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train which offers you an unforgettable moment and lifetime experience.


This article has been shared by guest blogger Sophia Peterson.

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