10 Things to do in Cambridge|Cambridge day trip itinerary


The city that has always received the accolade for its prestigious aura, is a charming place in all aspects.  Here is our Cambridge day trip itinerary to go around the city and explore the various facades of its beauty in a short span of time.

Cambridge day trip itinerary

1. Walk or cycle around the city

Cambridge is a small city, with more than half of the population composed of students. Strolling is the best way to get a view of this peaceful city. Or if you get on a bicycle and ride around the university campus, it would be a cherry on the top of the cake. You could walk along St King’s College all the way to Trinity College and St. John’s College. The scenic view of river Cam and the gardens stretch past the Mathematical Bridge.


2. Visit St. King’s College and St. King’s Chapel

Once you reach the University campus, visit St. King’s College, which is one of the masterpieces of the medieval age. The construction was started by King Henry VI in 1441. St. King’s Chapel is one of the most worshipped places in the campus. Indeed, its architecture beguiles you with its intrinsically sculpted ceilings and octagonal turrets. You could book an official guided tour to go around the college and unfurl the history associated with it. Or you could just sit back and wait to enjoy the evening choir!



3. Explore some of the other colleges in the campus

With huge buildings spanning over each courtyard, these prestigious colleges lie in each other’s neighborhood. Some of the best mathematicians and geniuses come from these colleges. A special mention to Sir  Isaac Newton, whose alma mater is Trinity College. Sir Charles Darwin passed out in 1832 from Christ’s College. It is a great experience to visit such temples of learning and gain insights into the lives of students. With more than 30 colleges in the campus, there’s indeed a lot to explore!

4. Go Punting

A guided tour of these hand-built wooden boats called punts is one of the best things to do in Cambridge.  This tour would give you splendid views of the bridges, libraries and the seven colleges which stand along the river Cam. It doesn’t end at this, for your chauffeurs would recount the 800 years old saga of this pretty town. Get ready, shutterbugs, the place would be perfect for your camera lens!


5. Visit the Cambridge Market

The market square of Cambridge is a happening and colorful place. There are a number of stalls selling a variety of goods from fruits and vegetables to books, clothes, and mobile phone accessories. The market opens from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)


6. The Mathematical Bridge

Legend says that this simple, old bridge was constructed by Isaac Newton, purely of wood. After his death, students disassembled it but could not put it back properly, therefore using irons pins and nuts. The bridge has been named so, as a tribute to this mathematical genius. Visit the bridge and know its splendid history.


7. Visit the Cambridge Botanical Garden

The Cambridge Botanical gardens open in the months of February, March, October and from April to September. These heritage gardens are beautifully landscaped, with diverse species of plants and trees. Inviting more than two lakh visitors every year, these gardens would charm you with their hues, when you visit them at aforementioned times of the year.

8.Relax by the river Cam

You would certainly get to enjoy a plethora of nature’s beauty as you walk by the river. From little birds sailing all along, to the huge gardens sprawling alongside, you would have enough time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

9. Get on a day rider

A day rider in Cambridge refers to a Stagecoach bus, which would take you around the entire city, from the railway station to the university campus. Buy a one day pass for a particular zone and feel free to make use of this affordable travel commodity, which would give you some great experiences of the city!

10. Explore the eateries

There are a number of restaurants and fine dining sites in the heart of Cambridge. Explore the flavor of various cuisines in a variety of cafes and buffet restaurants.


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