29 states, 29 cuisines: Know them here!

In a country where variety in food is counted  a part of its diversity, here is the list of dishes cooked in each state of India to keep the aroma of its existence alive:

1. Jammu and Kashmir

The staple diet of Kashmir is rice along with meat. Mutton finds a special place here, with Rogan josh (Image below) and Yakhni being the favorite ones. Vegetarians, no special mention is needed for the popular Kashmiri Dum Aloo. Besides, try Modur (sweetened rice) and complete your dining with a cup of hot Kahwah (traditional green tea) garnished with saffron.

2. Punjab

Punajb has always been famous for its ‘Makki ki Roti’ (corn flour bread) and ‘Sarson Ka Saag’ (made from mustard leaves). A Punjabi’s love for Aloo Parathas (whole wheat  stuffed with potatoes . Image below) can be clearly seen, as it is an important ingredient of a native’s breakfast. Pickle is an important component as well. Tandoori rotis are often cooked in special chullas or bhattis made of bricks/mud or clay with metal at the top. Butter Paneer , Amritsari Kulchas and Chole Bhatoore are worth a try. Pair them up with a glass of refreshing buttermilk.

3. Haryana

Try the famous Kachri ki Sabzi (Kachri is a wild variety of cucumber) to appease your taste buds in Haryana. . Besides, Dhania Chole (mix of coriander,onion,cumin and red chilli), Gajar Methi ki Sabzi and Mithe Chawal (sweetened rice garnished with cardamom and saffron. Image below )are loved by all.

4. Rajasthan

You could neve return from Rajasthan without tasting its peculiar Dal (pulses)Bhati (whole wheat bread)Churma (whole wheat cooked in ghee and sugar) . Gatte ki Sabzi is often paired with Bajra rotis in  Rajasthani diet. Ker Sangri pickle is added to spice up the staple food here. Desserts include Besan ki Barfi (also known as Dil Khushal) and Ghevar( sweet cake made of flour and sugar syrup. Image below).

5. Gujarat

Gujarat is highly famous for its finger licking snacks. From Bhajji to Dhokla (made of fermented rice batter. Image below), the flavor is all tangy and indelible. Try Handvo (made of yogurt, pepper and chilli),Khaman, Khandvi(rolls made of gram flour and yoghurt) .While Khakra (made of wheat flour and oil), Thepla (made of wheat flour, herbs and sugar) are common breakfast items, Aam Shrikhand (made of hung curd) finds its place in the desserts corner.

6. Uttar Pradesh

U.P shares its cuisine with some parts of Delhi and Haryana. Dishes are diverse, from vegetarian to Mughal style non vegetarian ones. Kachori  (image below) is one of the popular breakfast items here. Papri Chaat (popular street food) has its roots in Uttar Pradesh. For those with a sweet tooth, do not miss out on the pedas of Mathura!

7. Bihar

This state welcomes you with its much enamored Liti Chokha ( round wheat balls kneaded and soaked in ghee, along with mashed vegetables known as Chokha. Image below). Sattu (made of fried gram flour) is an essential food component here. Try the delicious Mutton kebabs here. Chandrakala ( equivalent to Gujia) , made using khoya and coconut will give your sweet tooth a delight. Malpua( made of flour,milk,bananas and sugar), Rabdi and Khajuria (made of wheat, flour and jaggery) are popular desserts here. Laung-Latika is a popular stuffing of clove along with sugar.

8. Jharkhand

Dhuska  is a special dish in Jharkhand. It is a fried snack made of lentils and rice batter (Image below). Other famous dishes include Rugra (mushroom) with rice, Chilka roti , bamboo shoots , Sattu and Khaja. Handra (the liquor of Jharkhand , consisting of herbs and rice) is pretty popular here.

9. Maharashtra

The Marathis love Poha (made of flattened rice and vegetable) and it is a popular breakfast item. Vada Pav(Image below), Pav Bhaji, Chivda (along with spices) are some of the loved food items here. Also try Sabudana Khichdi (made of white globuled Sabudana) and Bharli Vangi (stuffed eggplant). While Kohlapur mutton is quite famous,Rassa (non vegetarian curry) is adored as well. Puran Pohli ( stuffing of jaggery, dala nd cardamom) and Shrikhand are popular here.

 10. Orissa

Khechadi (made of rice and lentils. Image below) is the staple diet here and is also offered as a part of bhog to Lord Jagannath. Chungdi malai (prawn curry),Pakhala Bhata (sour curd alog with rice cooked in water), Dalma ( roasted Moong Daal) and Macha Ghanta (fish curry) are some of the popular food items in this state. In the dessert zone, Chena Jhili(fried sweet cheese balls ) and Rasabali (sweet dish made of milk and cardamaom) are some of the tasty ones.

11. Manipur

Kangshoi Sromba (combination of rice and fish) is a popular meal here . Also try Paknam (fish cake. Image below), Alu Kangmet (potatao dish) and Chahao Kheer (sweet dish).

12. Sikkim

Sikkim is famous for Momos (image below). Also try Thukpa ( noodle soup) and Phangapa (spicy curry) which are  some special dishes of this region.

13. Goa

Do not return without tasting Bibik ( pudding consisting of sugar, yogurt and coconut milk. Image below). The beaches of Goa are lined with numerous street food sellers, with their expertise being in non vegetarian snacks ( grilled chicken, beef, sausages and much more!)

14. Chattisgarh

Dumplings ( Muthiya. Image below) are famous in this state. Bhajia is common among local people (made of gram flour, onions and chillies), so is Chila (made of rice batter and daal). Bada is a variant of Vada made in South India, commonly served here.

15. Kerala

 Find the aroma of South Indian flavor in Idiyappam (made of rice flour),Puttu and Kadala curry( rice and coconut assortment), Appam (rice pancake. Image below), Kerala style beef (Naadan beef) which  are the common food items here. Payasam is a popular dessert here (made of rice, milk , sugar and cashews).

16. Karnataka

The south Indian touch in this state can be tasted in Puliyogre (tamarind rice) and a variety of idlis, dosas and vadas. Some parts of Karnataka are influenced by Marathi culture as well. Neer Dosa , Koli Saaru and Jowar rotis are pretty popular here. Bisi Bele Baath ( an assortment of rice and toor dal) can also be found here. Karnataka is also known for lemon rice and Mysore Pak( a sweet dish made of gram, sugar and ghee. Image below).

17. Assam

Khaar,made from bananas, is known here for its unique flavor (Image below).The Assamese love duck curry and fish curry. Do not worry vegetarians! Try the delectable Aloo Pitika, a concoction of mashed potatoes,onions,coriander,salt and mustard oil. Another famous dish of this state is Ou Khatta, a sweet and sour chutney made of elephant apple and jaggery. Try their home cooked sweets and snacks known as Pitha.

18. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is famous for curd rice,Chepala Pulusu ( Telugu fish curry),Pulihora(Tamarind rice) and Gutti Vankaya ( thetraditional vegetable curry). Punugulu (balls made of urad dal and spices) is a favorite street snack. Hyderabadi biryani is not something unheard of! Gongura is a special kind of leaf, used to make chutney and daal in this state. Also, Pesarattu ( dosa made of green gram flour) is a popular delicacy here.(Image below)

19. Arunachal Pradesh

Famous for Thupka (a food item made of soup, noodles and meat) and Zan (made of millets), try the flavor of this state..

 20. Meghalaya

Jadoh is red rice along with pork meat. It can be cooked in chicken or fish . Doh Khlieh is a salad made of minced pork, onions , beans, carrots and lemons. Before meals, they have Nakham Bitchi (soup of dry fish and it is fire dried). Pumaloi is also a part of their staple food (steamed powdered rice. Image below)

21. West Bengal

Fish and Bhaat (rice based item. Image below) are the most popular food items here. The Bengalis are fond of fish and they love balanced ingredients. Maccher Jhol (spicy fish stew) is famous here. Luchi (deep fried flatbread) is paired up along with vegetables). While a variety of fish (Nil, Catfish, Rohu, Shutki and Chingri) is adored here, Bengalis love sweet dishes as well. Talk about Roshgulla, Sondesh, Mishti Doi and Chum Chum , and it is here!

22. Tripura

He cuisine of Tripura is much influenced by its neighbor Bangladesh. Mui Borok (Burma fish) is an important part of diet here. People are also in love with authentic Chinese culture here. Pair these up with the special Chauk (rice beer) of Tripura. Image below)

23. Telangana

This state is famous for Sarvapindi (pancake made of chana dal,peanuts and rice flour).

24. Himachal Pradesh

The traditional Dhaam of this state is a part of many festivities in Himachal Pradesh (Image below). It is made by cooking kidney beans, lentils and rice in curd.  Sidu si a local bread made of wheat flour.  Babru (made of black gram) is a variety of Kachori loved here. Kadoo ka Khatta ( umpkin dish), Chha Ghosht ( lamb) and Kullu Trout (fried fish) are some of the mountain dishes you should not miss!

25. Nagaland

Axone (or Akhuni amde of fermented soyabeans. Image below) is pretty popular here and is paired up with smoked pork or chicken. Bamboo shoots are important ingredients of many dishes as well.

26. Tamil Nadu

Pongal (rice dish. Image below) is the most popular dish of Tamil Nadu. Uttapam (thin pancake made of sooji batter), Rasam, (thin soup of tamarind, tomatoes and spices)  and Muruku (rice and lentils) are some of the other food items loved here.

27. Mizoram

Try MizoramBai soup (made of pork, spinach and bamboo shoots). Sanpiau is a popular snack of rice, coriander paste and onions. Pitha is  famous fried snack served here.

28. Madhya Pradesh

Dal bafla is quite famous and is similar to Dal Bhati of Rajasthan. Bhutte Ka Kees is made of corns and spices, with skimmed milk to add sweet flavour to it (Image below).  Also try Seekh Kababs ( non vegetarian dish served in  Mughal style) and Bhopali Gosht Korma (Mutton). Malpua and Jalebis are popular desserts here.

29. Uttarakhand

The people of this state love Kafuli (palak and methi leaves. Image below), Garhwal ka Fannah(soupy lentils), Baadi (black daal), Kumaoni raita and bhang ki chutney are the some of the loved items here.

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