5 Amazing Places to visit at the Blue Mountains

A tour from Sydney Central to New South Wales will give a glimpse of all you wanted to know about the Blue Mountains, from the diverse Aboriginal history to the beauty of natural wilderness.
Here are the five amazing places you will encounter on this voyage:


Look around for the intriguing culture and history of Australia in this famous center of Katoomba. Katoomba or the ‘Valley of Waters’ is the chief town of the Blue Mountains. The Aboriginals are the indigenous race of Australia, having their mark in various parts of continent since ancient times. This center depicts their history and evolution over times in a detailed manner.
Aboriginals  in their costumes and paint shall entertain you here with the sounds of Didgeridoo and their authentic dance Corroboree. These shows take place throughout the day in the most interactive manner. You would enjoy the sequences or a photograph with one of the painted Aboriginal, or a detour of the art gallery encompassing their traditional tools and instruments.

Adult ticket: €20; Child ticket :€ 10


 Scenic world offers joyrides to the Three Sisters. 900  meters above the sea level,the Three Sisters are the most spectacular natural formation of Katoomba, overlooking the Jameson Valley. It is said that three sisters of a tribe (Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’) fell in love with three brothers of the neighboring tribe.
As it was forbidden by tribal law, this feud led to a tribal battle. A witch doctor converted the three sisters to stone to protect them. Only he could reverse the spell but unfortunately he was killed in the battle. To this day, these three sisters continue to mesmerize their visitors.
The entry is guarded by a scenic railway which is an enjoyable ride on the steep incline of the valley. The passengers can further take a walk in the natural diversity, followed by a cable way ride to the top. From here, you can gape at the beauty of the valley, the sisters and flower species, some of which date back to the dragon age.



Admission to Scenic world :
Adult $39 ;Children $21 ;Family $99 (Free for children below 4)


The echo point gives you the most breathtaking view of the entire valley. The Three sisters are visible from this landmark and the vast natural expanse will force you to take out your cameras. The Echo point is also a gateway to a number of nature walks. You could go down the Giant Stairway which connects to the tracks below the cliffs, or Prince Henry Cliff walk which connects Echo Point to Leura Cascades
Pass is valid for single entry within 60 days of purchase.


Featherdale Wildlife Park is famous for innumerable birds and animal species. Some encaged, some pervading the whole area, it is definitely a treat to the eyes. Kangaroos and Koalas do constitute the soul of Australia, and that is why you would see a dozen of people wrangling with each other to get a picture clicked with them. Goats locking horns, Emus frolicking around, owls oblivious of the activities , white kangaroos, penguins glancing around, the playful seagulls…..and the list is endless indeed. What makes it more interesting to visit is a customized wildlife park passport . You could keep stamping on the animals you have paid a visit !






The Jenolan caves are the most ancient caves of Australia, dating to 314 million years back. These are open to the public and showcase varieties of limestone. You could take a walk around the caves, indulge in adventure cave activities with a headlamp on your head or roam around the astounding waterfalls and Jenolan river. A drive around the Scenic cliff or a scenic bushwalk would allow you to spot a number of kangaroos and koalas in their natural reserve.
While cave tours range from $35-$45, adventure tours can cost from $100 to $200.

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