5 facts you didn’t know about the city of Bath

The city of Bath
Bath is a city in the heart of the United Kingdom, which is not only symbolic of its Georgian style of architecture and Roman baths but also for some coveted facts it holds in its heart!
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1. Bath Abbey’s architecture

Bath Abbey has a number of angels carved on it. This is because the Bishop of Bath, Oliver King dreamed a lot about angels ascending around him. Thus he influences the design of this building.
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2. The ‘front’ and ‘back’ style of houses

 The houses in Bath city have preserved the Georgian style of architecture. Notice the windows and the breaks in between.  These have been maintained to preserve symmetry in the architecture. Though houses have the same style of architecture, the number of rooms within differed, depending on the grade of the individuals living in it. Also discover the backsides of these houses, which are completely different from each other, built by each family as per its taste!

3. The Grey Lady

 The Royal Theatre of Bath is not only famous for its shows, but also for the Jasmine Lady who haunts it after years of her death. It is said that she fell in love with an actor who didn’t reciprocate her feelings. So she hanged herself in the Garrett Pub near to the theatre. People have witnessed the grey lady, who wears a lot of jasmines, in this pub and theatre. Also, people who get a glimpse of this ghost, die Mysteriously or commit suicide very soon. They absorb the grief and sorrow of the ghost, something she would have felt while ending her life.

4. The names of the streets

 While restructuring  Bath city, John Wood, the architect fell short of names and found it difficult to name an enormous number of streets. Eventually, these streets were named after the words he spoke. For example, he said ‘Quiet’ and the street was named ‘ Quiet Street’. Another one of the streets is called ‘Wood Street’, after his name.

5. The huge windows

 The houses in Bath have huge windows, this was essential as people liked sunlight to enter their houses. They also wanted onlookers to know the presence of guests in their houses. The region was given a lot of protection during the World War and much of its historical significance has been preserved.

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