5 tips to find cheap flights around Christmas


With festive season at the corner, it becomes pretty difficult to find cheap flights around Christmas. Yet a little planning beforehand would prove effective in saving you from the hassles of skyrocketing prices around Christmas.

As Christmas is drawing closer, you need to finalize your itinerary and plan your bookings beforehand.

Here are the 5 tips that could help you!


 Cheap flights around Christmas:

Tip 1:

Indulge in midweek searches of your flights. It has been observed that flights are cheaper during weekdays as compared to weekends. Therefore, it would be better to find a flight and also fly on a weekday rather than planning to take off on a weekend. Thus you need to be flexible while planning your Christmas itinerary. Midweek flights would save you a lot during your trip.

Tip 2:

Turn on notifications from the best booking websites, which would keep notifying you about the drop in prices of various air carriers. This approach could help you to find cheap flights during Christmas. Sign up for price alerts on these applications now!

Tip 3:

Make a note of the past trends of Christmas bookings. Contrary to the popular belief, Christmas i.e 25th December isn’t the cheapest day to fly. Flights on the day of Christmas are in fact, expensive. Surveys elucidate that December 17 was the best bet to book a cheap flight in 2017  just before Christmas. Also, the most reasonable flights were booked in the 2nd week of November last year. Whereas the Friday falling just before Christmas offers the priciest deal for a flight. This year, December 21 is the Friday before Christmas . This year, October was estimated to be the most reasonable month in terms of booking flights. Last minute flights, a week before Christmas are generally 9 percent above the average rates.

Tip 4:

To book cheap flights around Christmas, it is advisable to take note of the busiest airports around the world. You need to avoid these airports and in turn, choose the quieter and non-hushy ones for your trip. Smaller airports are less stressful and thus prices of flights would be lesser as compared to busy airports. A perusal of existing trends would suggest which airports would be busy this Christmas. In the year 2017, Bangkok was the most sought-after destination to celebrate Christmas, thus flying prices were higher here. Bangkok was followed by Sydney,New York and Amsterdam among European cities. This year, Dublin and London would be added to the league as well. Therefore, avoid such airports and plan a different route to these destinations.

                                 Christmas destinations

Tip 5:

Finally, prefer inconvenient flights. Choosing a slot like midnight or early morning would help you a lot in cutting down your trip expenses! Experts suggest that more inconvenient the time to take a flight, the cheaper it would be. Therefore, your focus should not only be on the best months and weekdays to book a flight but also on the time that you would be landing in your favorite destination.


These tips would surely be effective and helpful if you are planning to fly abroad this Christmas. Start looking out for an effective deal and make your Christmas even more prosperous this year!

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