Christmas Carnival in Dresden, Germany

With the dazzle of lights,  aroma of wine and beauty of handicrafts, the traditional Christmas market of Dresden, known as Striezelmarkt is a delightful treat to the senses.
Striezelmarkt is one of the oldest authentic Christmas fairs in Germany, held every year in the old Altmarkt Square. It is believed that years ago, local people came here to buy meat and other food supplies. Soon, the market transformed as more and more people set up their booths offering a variety of handicrafts, wooden carvings, nuts, almonds and baked goods.
One such popular baked product is called Stollen or Striezel (after which the market takes its name). It is a heavy yeast cake which is made with the help of raisins, dried fruit, butter, sugar, sweet and bitter almonds. It is believed that eating twelve pieces of Stollen would bring luck for twelve months of the year.
Wooden carvings, traditional handicrafts, blueprinted items, nutcrackers, ornaments and intricate handmade lace are some of the attractions offered at this place. You could buy some splendid Christmas gifts for your family and friends!

Festivities at Striezelmarkt

Visitors believe that the ambiance of this place is magical and that is what draws them to Dresden during Christmas each year.
The market event was first mentioned in the year 1434. Since then, the number of visitors attending this fair has gone up to 3 million approximately.  It holds the world’s largest  Christmas pyramid which is around 14 meters high and showcases 46 wooden carvings (the Guinness book of world records holds its mention). Besides,  children would be mesmerized by the lights, adventure world and daily stage programs which host special events to entertain visitors.

The market is flooded with people from all around the world. This time, Striezelmarkt is open from November 29, 2017, to December 24, 2017.  Light up your Christmas at Dresden this year with the concoction of these colors!
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