Explore beauty & history: Italy


Explore the beauty of history : Italy

Explore beauty & history: Italy

In Rome, do as Romans do : explore the history, cherish the art and adore the beauty!
Venice is one of the best places in Italy if you wish to give your senses a treat! With bridges, streets, houses and hotels all submerged in the lavish expanse of Grand Canal, Venice has become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world.

How to reach Venice?

The nearest airports to Venice are Marco Polo and Treviso. Both are well connected to other European cities. You would easily get a bus that departs from here to Venice.  It is advisable to stay at a hotel on the mainland, and enter the city for a visit through its gateway Piazzale Roma.

What to explore?

Venice can be traversed using water taxis(also known as Vaporettos) and water taxis. While a normal one direction ride in a water bus could cost up to 7  €, you could purchase Tourist travel cards or Venezia Unica Tourist passes if you plan to stay for a while and explore. You could also enjoy the exuberant charm of the city in a water boat or Gandola ( 80 € for 40 minutes). These long, sleek boats are sure to set you on a spin!

Gandolas at Venice
The main square of Venice is Piazza San Marco (also known as St. Mark’s Square). It is famous for St. Mark’s Basilica, which stands in the square, an epitome of religious faith and an example of  finesse in Italian architecture.

Where to eat and shop?

The Rialto Bridge is one of the oldest bridges that span across the Grand Canal. Find the street adorned with diverse restaurants and shops buzzing with people from extreme ends of the world.

Rialto bridge
Venice is famous for its Venetian masks, popularly worn during the Carnival of Venice, held every year.
Ever wondered why the antique and fancy Italian glassware has managed to rule the world? A tour of the Murano glass factory and the Murano Glass Museum shall quench all your curiosity. Launch a Vaporetto(ferry) to the Murano island from Central  Venice for the glass factory.
For the museum, take a Vaporetto to Museo Murano stop. It stands in Palazzo Guistinian.(Ticket costs 10 € per adult). A tour around shall give you all the insights of the 1000 year old tradition of glass making. You could get a glimpse of glass workers busy sculpting different designs of glasses or blowing molten glass. If this beguiles you, you are free to take a hands on glass making workshop right from the hands of the experts!

                                                                                       Some of the masterpieces at Murano

From Venezia to Rome:

Truly, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So if you plan to visit, take your time to adore the intriguing history of this city. A frequent train or bus service from Venice would land you up in Rome in a couple of hours (approximately 50 € by train and 20 € by bus). Prefer to stay in the heart of the city (areas near Central Rome). Hotels could range between 100-300 € but that would definitely save you the extra cost of travelling across the city!)
Experience walking through the lanes of the city and along the banks of river Tiber. The city emanates the fine touch of Roman artisans. Hop on hop off bus services shall always be at your doorstep to guide you across the various sought after destinations. The Roman subway system shall prove equally effective to guide you around.

The Best Places to visit in Rome:

The Spanish steps, constituted by a series of 135 steps between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti (with a church at its top) are one of the best attractions of Rome. The area around these steps jostles with activity, with people indulging in photography,shopping and much more! Try out the restaurants located here. Much of the variety in these menus would be constituted by Pizzas, Rivolis and Pastas.

Area near Spanish steps

There are a variety of eating options at Piazza Navona, also famous for its three fountains (specially Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi – the fountain of four rivers). To its south is Campo de Fiori , a popular market of Rome with all essential shops and party junctures!
The Colosseum is one of the most ancient and biggest amphitheaters in the heart of Rome. It was used to seat around 70000 people, who gathered to watch mock battles, enactments and dramas.

The Colosseum
One of the most visited sites of Rome is Piazza Venezia. It houses the National Museum and Mussolini’s balcony, from where the Italian Prime Minister gave his long speeches. Also situated nearby are Roman Forum and Pantheon.  The Roman Forum was an important venue for trials, speeches and sundry affairs.
The Pantheon is one of the oldest Roman temples, built by Hadrian  later to replace Macrus Agrippa’s work ( done during the reign of Augustus). The original inscription was retained by Hadrian though , and the architecture of Pantheon is enticing, with eight round headed arches from the inner to outer surface.

Area near Piazza Venezia


 Roman Forum
Hadrian also commissioned Castel Sant’Angelo, the towering building he constructed for his family, which was later used as a fortress. The statue on its top is that of Michael the Archangel, after whom the mausoleum has been named.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Off to the smallest country in the world!

There are many options to reach Vatican city, the smallest country in the world. You could easily catch a bus from any location in Rome . Or probably  metro would be a lucrative option (take the red line to either Ottaviano or Cipro, both lie close to St. Peter’s Basilica).
St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest Christian churches in the world and is the seat of the Pope.  It is named after St. Peter, the first Pope who died as a martyr. St. Peter’s tomb lies just below the basilica’s altar . The church is a masterpiece carved by many artists including Michelangelo, whose intricate work on the vast dome shall mesmerize you. The throne of St. Peter has been conserved. The ‘Holy Chair’ , also known as ‘Holy See’ gratifies the spiritual authority of the Bishop or Holy Father.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Masterpieces of art at Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel is the official residence of Pope in the Vatican city. It is symbolic of the rooftop Papal elections where white smoke is used to announce victory of the next Pope. Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the chapel, which is a landmark of Renaissance art. Another important work of art here is the Last judgement, executed on the altar wall of this chapel. The chapel is open to visitors between 9 A.M and 4P.M.
You can never stop exploring these cities. Every corner holds a propensity in itself. So if Europe falls in your dream vacation this year, definitely put Italy in your bucket list!

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