Exploring the countryside of Netherlands

Vast expanses of green grass and rustic windmills are not the only beautiful aspects of Netherlands’ countryside. The history of Delft, Hague and Madurodam makes it even more enticing.
The countryside of Netherlands is an asset worth exploring. From the various day tours available at Dam Square, Amsterdam , I decided to go with the 6 hour long tour around Delft, Hague and Madurodam. It was in the form of  a package worth € 40 .
The tour kicked off pretty well, with tourists from diverse regions of the world. Our guide made it a point to say ‘Hello’ in various languages. He actually had to put a stop by saying, ‘The tour might end by the time I finish my greetings, folks!’
Delft was the first stop of the journey, which comprised of quaint windmills and luscious vegetation all around. Delft is unique for its hand painted antiques, from blue and white pottery to collections of jars and tulip vases. These are showcased in the Royal Delft Factory and Museum.
A 10 minute guided tour gave us an insight into antique work from the 17th century and techniques used by potters to paint the earthenware. There were collections of jars, tulip vases and many other precious antiques. We were also free to buy souvenirs from the gift shop at factory prices. Provided you get some time to walk through the city, Delft beholds the statue of Hugo Groitus(a pioneer in international law),Niewe Kerk(New Church) and Oude Kerk(Old Church).

The voyage continued through Hague, with glimpses of the International Peace Palace, an administrative building for international law. It embodies the International Court of Justice, a branch of the United Nations. Other attractions included the Noordeinde palace, a working place for the Dutch monarch William Alexander since 2013.
The final stop of this entourage was the Madurodam park. All the tourists in the bus were perplexed when the guide exclaimed ,’ There’s the whole Netherlands inside!’.
Well, we found it was true as we saw miniscule versions of every arch bridge and criss – crossed streets of Netherlands. From the Schipol airport to the International Peace Palace, everything was displayed in its miniature form. The creativity is worth appreciating, when a tiny airplane lands near you or a little cruise goes about in the canals. We had plenty of time to look around shops with varied assortments and souvenirs.


The tour was a package of beautiful historical descriptions, natural beauty and amazing creativity.
After a brief stop, we made our journey back to Amsterdam. What a better end could it be, than a beautiful rainbow sprawling in the sky, welcoming you back  at 8 p.m in the evening!
Where to eat:  the Taste of Holland and Panorama Café at Madurodam
Other day tour  packages:
Heineken experience (€16)
Hop-on Hop-off boat tour(€ 28)
Madurodam  Park+ Sea life Schevenegan (€22.50) or Madurodam Park  + Park in Omniversum Hague (€22)

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