Things to do at Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius

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Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius is its most popular island and tourist destination of Mauritius. Lying in the largest lagoon of Mauritius, it offers some of the most breathtaking views of nature and water activities that would make you feel the rush of thrill!

Here are some of the things to do near and around the Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius:

Visit the Belle Mare beach:

The Belle Mare beach is just half an hour away from the Ile aux Cerfs, and is a hub of various water activities. Some of these include:


The experience of parasailing is one of its kind. The trained staff would help you to kick off your journey from a speed boat, somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Fly high and enjoy the panoramic views as you sail above the clear water and majestic mountains. Do not indulge in this activity if it is too windy. (Price : 900 Mauritian rupees per person)

Belle Mare beach
Belle Mare beach

Undersea walk

At a depth of around 3-5 metres. prepare to land yourself on the ocean floor. Your guides would help you in settling down with a helmet for oxygen supply, a heavy belt and slippers. Get a view of the beautiful corals , fishes and life beneath the sea. Get clicked and create memories for a lifetime! The walk would last for around 10 minutes.(Price : 1200 Mauritian rupees per person)

Undersea walk
Undersea life


Tube ride

The banana tube ride is one of its kind. Get tied to a speed boat and get amidst the crashing waves of the ocean! (Price 600 per person)


Take a Speed Boat Trip to Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius

The Ile aux Cerfs island is accessible via speed boats off Trou d’Eau Douce, which would take you to the splendid beach, buzzing with activity, eateries and music. There are various activities to enjoy in a short span of time. You could go for parasailing or just relax and enjoy some Indian food at La Chaumiere Masala Restaurant.

Towards the Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius
Towards the Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius
Toward Ile aux Cerfs
View from the speed boat


Go for Snorkeling:

Cruise towards the crystal clear water of the Eau Bleu Lagoon and go for activities like snorkelling. Your journey would start from Trou d’Eau Douce to the middle of the lagoon, where local operators would help you to get ready for this activity. Snorkelling would give you a view of the beautiful reefs and underwater life. It would cost around 1200-2000 Rs per person.



Visit the waterfalls

The best option is to process with another speed boat from the Ile aux Cerfs island to the Grand River South-East Waterfalls.  Your boat would take you around the falls and give you a beautiful view of the falls on one side, and the vast ocean on the other. The price of visiting the waterfalls is 900 rupees per person.

Take  a Catamaran cruise:

Get on a Catamaran cruise and sail around the lagoon. There are various packages to choose from, and the ferry boat would take you around the waterfalls before you come back to the main island. The catamaran also serves barbecue-style lunch with beverages. After lunch, you would get an opportunity to enjoy live music and Jambé Show. You would definitely be impressed as you choose to dance to the melodious tunes, with a beautiful background to appreciate.

As part of this  trip, you will get to enjoy sailing through the crystal clear water of the east coast lagoon with breathtaking scenery all around.

This  trip is all about making sure you have a full day of fun, excitement and discovery of Mauritius breathtaking natural beauty, while discovering part of the Mauritian Culture!


Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius
Relax on the island


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