Isle of Skye tour , the Highlands and Loch Ness

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Another dawn in the highlands of Skye, and we were ready to venture into this part of the world. The excitement on the second day of the ‘Isle of Skye, the Highlands, and Loch Ness’ tour was palpable among all the travelers. We had a heavy breakfast, very heartily served by Mrs. Wilson, the owner of our BnB. For there were going to be lesser refreshment stops on the way. Here is the list of places we explored on Day 2 of the Isle of Skye tour, Scotland.

Old Man of Storr:

Our guide drove us to a boulevard of cliffs and a wide sanctuary overlooking the beautiful lochs. Lying in the Trotternish peninsula of Skye, the Old Man of Storr is not just another cliff. It is a unique cliff, a look of which would remind of you of the sculpture of an old man! Being one of the most photographed landscapes in the world, our guide recommended a walk up the cliff in the later part of the day. The trek would last for around one and a half hour, covering around 4 kilometers.

old man of storr

The region of Storr is a blanket of lush verdure and clear water along the Skye coastline. We stopped for a few minutes to capture some of the most exotic views, which cloud this edge of the world. It is advisable to visit this region in the morning hours, to enjoy the glory of nature at its best!

Skye coastline

beautiful skye


Kilt rock:

We further stopped at the Mealt falls (Kilt Rock Waterfall), nearby the Mealt Loch. These falls descend near the pleated ‘Kilt rock’, one of the striking examples of pleated sandstone rocks which surround this region. Although the area promises some of the most rewarding views, it was really windy around and an extra layer of clothing became mandatory.

Kilt rock

Fairy Glenn:

We moved to Uig, a settlement along the Uig Bay. The Uig Bay seemed to be decorated with small ferries, which go to and fro LochMaddy and Tarbet. While the village of Uig was small and buzzing with tourists, we were yet to experience heaven. As the name suggests, this little arena near the village of Uig is no less than a homeland for fairies. We halted for half an hour and climbed up the hill to capture panoramic sights. This region had quirky rocks circling a patch of grass, something which seemed like an old ritual which must be celebrated by the residents of Uig

near Uig

Fairy Glenn

The Grave of Flora Mcdonald:

With another song complimenting the views in front of our eyes, our guide showed us the little black houses of residents lining the path to the graves of some famous people. The Kilmuir Cemetry houses the grave of Flora Macdonald, who is remembered by the Scottish for her courage and virtues. She grew up in the household of the chief of Macdonalds. She supported the Jacobites and was moved by their plight after the battle of Culloden. Although she was imprisoned for treason for helping Bonnie Prince Charlie to escape, she is considered a heroic feature by the locals.

Dunvegan Castle:

Our next destination for the day was the Dunvegan Castle. The gardens and history of Dunvegan castle are worth giving your time. This castle was the abode of the chief of Clan McLeod and a visit to this castle would give you a chance to savor the history of Scotland. Inside the castle are various paintings and accessories that belonged to the clan once. After a round of the castle, which sits in the lap of the Highlands, it was time to take a stroll in the magnificent gardens. The gardens are a treat to the eyes, with a diverse variety of flowers, ponds, waterfalls, and greenhouses. The walled garden of this castle is the perfect place to relax and absorb the warmth of the mild sunshine. You could take a boat trip around Loch Dunvegan, or enjoy the sights of seals frisking around. A map of the castle would help you to find your way around. Entry fee to the castle is minimal.


walled garden lotus ponds

Portree again!

We made our way back to the streets of Portree. For most of the travelers, it was time to complete the unfinished trek on the cliffs of Storr. So our guide dropped them to enjoy an hour of solitude in the hills. Truly, a journey is incomplete without the amazing views that lie on the stride to your destination. However, there was a still lot to cover on Day 3 of this enigmatic tour. So the little town of Portree became our sweet abode once again, to gear up for the next day!

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Photography credits :
Anu Arora
Dhruv Arora

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