Enriched with an aura of spirituality and the iridescent charms of nature, the southernmost tip of Indian subcontinent is worth your time for many reasons. Here are the tourist places to visit during your Kanyakumari day trip.


About Kanyakumari

As mesmerized as we were at the thought of visiting the tip of our motherland, we did not want to lose the chance of watching the sunrise. It took us three to four hours from Trivandrum to reach Kanyakumari. Leaving all tasks aside, we were there at the Sunrise point by 6 a.m. Only to be welcomed by a horde of visitors waiting to greet the flood of sunlight that would eventually spread over the Triveni Sangam.
Yes, as the name suggests, this holy confluence is the meeting point of three water bodies – Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. The dawn eventually spread over the infinite stretch of beauty, glorifying the Thiravullar statue and Rock memorial , standing majestically in the middle of the Sangam.



Story about Name and Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Kanyakumari is named after Goddess Kanya Devi, an avatar of Goddess Parvati. It is believed that  Lord Shiva was to marry her but didn’t show up on the day of their wedding.  As a result, the rice grains kept for the wedding turned into small stones that are seen lying at the shore.
We further paved our way towards  Vivekananda Rock Memorial, making use of the  ferry service. The Thiravullar statue, which pays tribute to the famous Tamil poet Saint Thiruvallur, stands on a 38 feet high pedestal, signifying the  38 virtues  described in his book Thirukkural.
Next to the statue stands a memorial in the memory of Swami Vivekanand, who stayed in Kanyakumari for three days and meditated, pursuing the divine path of enlightenment. It is believed that Goddess Kumari practiced austerity on this rock.  We visited  Darshan Griha, which houses a statue of Swami Vivekananda and Dhyan Mandapam, where you can experience the bliss of meditation .

Thanumalayan temple at Sucheendram

Our next stop was Thanumalayan temple at Sucheendram, which lies just about half an hour away from Kanyakumari. It  is considered an epitome of religion in the south. The 40 metre face of this temple shows carvings of Hindu dieties. The word Thanumalayan or Sthanumalayan means a combination of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, so is depicted by the linga worshipped by a myriad of followers.
A 22 m statue of Anjaneya or Lord Hanuman stands here and is one of the unique statues of its type in the country. It is believed that this statue was buried during the reign of Tipu Sultan and rediscovered in 1930. The temple, built in 17th century , depicts  its finesse in architecture.

Thiruparapura falls

The Thiruparapura falls is another tourist place near Kanyakumari. The falls at Thiruparapura descend from a height of 50 metres from the Pichiparu dam.  A rocky river bed over the falls extends for several kilometres.
A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands on one bank of the river. Besides, we availed boating rides available for visitors to attain a clearer view of the beautiful surroundings( 3 seater or 6 seater boats at a price of around 30 per person). The place is worth all the photography , with its exquisite view of nature’s persona. You could buy souvenirs at small stalls located at the main entrance of the falls.




How to reach?

Kanyakumari is  well connected to major cities like Mumbai and Bangalore via Kanyakumari Express. The second nearest railway station to Kanyakumari is Trivandrum Central, distance between the two cities being around 85 kilometers. You could board the next train to Kanyakumari junction,hire a taxi or bus (if in groups) from Trivandrum to reach Kanyakumari.
You can visit the Vivekananda memorial by availing ferry services provided after little intervals( at a minimal price of 34 rupees per person and  entry to the memorial costs Rs 20 per person).
There are a number of hotels and tourist places near to the Triveni Sangam, at the heart of the city. Staying in these lodging homes would be well within budget, also giving an easy access to the bus stand and railway station.

Hotels near Kanyakumari:

Here are a few budget hotels to stay in, once in Kanyakumari:
Hotel Sea View
Hotel Gopinivas the Grand
Hotel Ocean Heritage
Hotel Tri Sea

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