Know the hot fire-walking tradition of Fiji!

Wonder what kind of traditions aggrandize the culture of one of the most beautiful islands in the world?
Fiji , an archipelago in the Pacific ocean, is known for its exotic natural spots, its inhabitants and the simplistic style of living.
The inhabitants of Fiji, especially the Sawau clan living on the Beqa island have followed the hot tradition of firewalking for years. Yes you read it right. Fire Walking is a ritual which is followed with all the pride and a calm demeanor in this territory. Many other islands of Fiji witness this tradition, including its capital Suva. Know the story of fire-walking in Fiji here.

Why is it performed?

A ground is chosen which is decorated for the celebratory feast and gathering of people. It is important to address the protocol of leadership in such a ritual and children must learn to respect the treaties of their ancestors. This tradition celebrates the sacrifice of their heroes in the battles fought by the people of Fiji.

Rules of the tradition:

  • Those who perform the tradition of fire walking must stay away from wives for a few nights
  • They are not allowed to consume  coconut
  • Flame is to be prepared properly or else natives could burn their feet ans get bed-ridden for four months.

During the ritual:

All the leaders of the clan gather in the ground to commence the ritual.
Tribes perform a dance in the memory of the past. This is a call to others, so as to stay agile and save the future. This tradition is known as the MEKE ceremony. These spear dances are ushered with gracefulness as well as chivalry.
A fire pit is made, which is around 4 feet deep. The pit is filled with stones and logs are heated over a fire to allow fire walkers to proceed with the rite.
This is followed by the LOVO ceremony, in which food is cooked in the earth and traditional food is served to all the gathered residents, children and leaders of the villages.
Do not miss this breathtaking tradition of fire-walking , if you plan to visit Fiji sometime soon!

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