Kolukkumalai tea estate : World’s highest organic tea plantation

After a long tumultuous jeep drive from Munnar, you would sum up the view of Kolukkumalai Tea Estate  in one word – ‘exquisite’.
Around 8000 feet above the sea level, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate stands to be the world’s highest organic tea plantation. The time taken from Munnar to this estate is around two and a half hours.

Once you hire a jeep , you would be experience some jerky moves on the bumpy  , bolder strewn roads. Yet you would enjoy and attain avid chances to get clicked amidst the greenery that surpasses you. ​This jeep can accommodate six members at the most and this  ride would you cost you around  2000 rupees.

​An old tree factory stands in the midst of symmetrically farmed hills. A tour around the factory ( which costs Rs 100 per person)  would give you a glimpse of various processes – from withering of leaves, rolling, sieving and drying to fiber extraction. The famous flavor of the hills is indeed churned and prepared with great care. The machinery dates back to the time when this factory was established by the British in around 1940.

Do not forget to get a sip of the aromatic flavors of  different grades of tea!
Your guide at the factory would acquaint you with the different type of tea flavors here .
You could stay in the  Kolukkumalai mountain hut , which provides sufficient facilities for your comfort and a breathtaking view of the Munnar Hills. If you choose to do so, you would get the opportunity to go for nature walks , with spectacular views of hills and mountain birds. The overall experience is full of solace and calm in the lap of beauty.

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