Largest ice festival

Held in Harbin, China,  the Snow and Ice festival is the largest snow and ice festival in the world!

When largest ice festival held?

It is celebrated from  January 5 – February 25. It  dates back to the year 1963.

How is it celebrated?

Ice sculptures are erected throughout the city, both for festivity and competitions. The two main areas of celebration are:
Sun Island , which exhibits huge snow sculptures
Ice and Snow world, which is famous for its huge ice-lantern exhibitions.

Largest ice festival

Zhaolin Park becomes one of the most resplendent witnesses of this celebration every year. With huge edifices and carvings of snow animals, light , colors and sound usher to make this arena a beautiful place to be in.

Largest ice festival

How to reach?

Harbin is reachable from Beijing via trains and flights. Take a flight(of around 3 hrs) to Harbin Taiping International Airport or book a bullet  train , which would take 8 hours to reach your destination.

Quick tips:

The temperature could range from -25 degrees to -10 degrees celsius so be packed and drink a lot of water. Also keep exercising  to prevent frostbites!

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