Looking for a one day trek ? Head to Chika!

Connecting the beautiful valleys of Kullu and Lahaul, Hampta Pass is one of the most beautiful and adventurous treks of India in the alp of Himachal Pradesh.

The trek spans over a period of 3-4 days, with its roots at Jobra and final welcome at Chandra Tal. Owing to time constraints, we could not take up this venture. Neither did we want to miss the sight of Hampta’s enchanting paradise. So we mutually agreed upon a one day trek – our final destination being Chika.
We headed from Manali to Jobra by road. Jobra, around 3000 ft higher in altitude than Manali, was our starting point. As we were a group of twenty, we hired a local guide at a reasonable price. He was an expert mountaineer and had the experience of hosting several groups before.
At Jobra, we had the option of loading our luggage in small tempos, that were ready to head towards our base camp at Chika. From here began our journey.
The road to Chika was laden with tall oaks and maples and hairpin bends that welcomed us after frequent intervals. While some of us felt  exhausted climbing huge pebbles constituting the hills, a majority was sailing through the trek very easily. Whatever the case was, we were all enjoying the aura of nature at this height.
It took us four to five hours to complete the trek. The view at Chika was beguiling. The meadow was a vast expanse of hills touching the sky, specked with colorful tents here and there. With Rani Nallah, the mountain river flowing between  snow clad patches on mountains, it seemed to be the perfect getaway we could have ever had! An old couple owned a small tuck shop at the corner of the camp .
Tired as we were, they were considerate enough to serve us freshly cooked Maggi.  Their dog (the only animal in sight here) roamed around and they owned a small house just round the base of the hill.

The rest of our stay at Chika was more than amazing. While we talked and joked over a lavish bonfire, our guide used his raconteur skills to narrate folk stories and all kinds of horror mysteries that have happened over the hills. The old coupled cooked vegetable rice for us and narrated stories of mountain life and its struggles.
This one day trek might just be a compacted version of what lies ahead, yet it is the perfect memory you can attain with your family and friends . People visiting Manali should definitely add this trek in their itinerary.
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For those wishing to take up the entire trek , visit  http://www.hamptapass.co.in/

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