Paris …. Je t’aime!

Flaunting its beauty on the banks of river Seine is Paris, one of the largest European cities  which will make you fall in love with it for various reasons. Here is a quick rendezvous with the city.

The main attractions

                                                                 Eiffel tower – one of the main attractions of Paris

                                                                View from the second floor of the tower
Named after its chief engineer Gustav Eiffel, Eiffel tower is the tallest monument in Paris. Explore panoramic views of the city from the second floor of this structure. You could explore the architecture using stairs or wait in long queues to avail the lift service. Either way, you would adore it! View the tower shimmering in mesmerizing lights at night.
Another attraction around is Parc du Champ de Mars, a large green space  stretching in front of the tower, where tourists relax , play music and bask in the glory of this symbol of love.
If you are passionate about art, Louvre Museum is on the cards for you. Entry price to this museum is €15.00. Originally built as a fortress in 1190, Louvre Museum has a collection of around 40000 works of art today, with some ‘not to be missed’ masterpieces like Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

                                                                                            Louvre Museum
Notre Dame, one of the oldest catholic churches of France, is an important attraction. An epitome of Gothic architecture, it is considered as the ‘House of God’ and is remarkable for its magnificent rose window.

                                                                                                            Notre Dame


Mont Martre is  a large hill surrounding Paris. It is believed that many famous artists worked here , including Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. The hill is still marked by the presence of a number of artists displaying their splendid works. You would also love the view of the city from this hill. Reaching Mont Martre is easy , credits to the metro network.
Other attractions n the city include Pont de Neuilly  ( one of the oldest stone bridges of France) and Moulin Rouge ( a famous cabaret, also considered the birthplace of can-can dance; you can enjoy dance and music shows here).

Where to stay?

There are plenty of accommodation options around Paris. Hostels with dormitories(male, female,single,family and mixed) can be availed at an affordable price ( which is around 20-30 Euros per night). Services like luggage storage, free breakfast, free WI-fi  and air conditioning are generally provided in this package.
Hotel stays in Paris could cost you somewhere between 150-900 €, based on the option you choose. While the other cities of France are comparatively cheaper, you would be able to afford a good hotel in a range of 150-300 €.

How to commute?

Paris has a  well connected transport network, bus and metro being the primary modes for many residents and tourists. You could buy a metro ticket to ride around the whole day, for next two days or for the next five days.  If you are a frequent traveler, you could buy weekly or monthly tickets ( known as Carte Orange, these tickets would also work for a bus trip). Buses too are a convenient access to the city. You could choose to hop on and off the Paris L’Open Tour buses  to visit some of the best attractions of the city.
The RER trains are a subtle option if you wish to visit the suburban areas of Paris. These lines cover the central area of the city and route up to the airport and destinations like Disneyland.
Shopaholics,you would love this!
The best arenas for shopping in Paris lie in the vicinity  of Champs-Élysées. Champs-Élysées is a wide expanse between Palace De La Concorde and Charles de Gaulle, which is a seat to Arc de Triomph( This monument commemorates the death of a huge number of soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the French Revolution)

                                                                  Arc de Triumph (near Champs-Élysées)
Champs-Élysées would delight your senses with the signature of  luxurious brands,  aroma of coffee houses and diversity of a huge number of products.  Franklin D. Roosevelt is one of the busiest metro stations around this region. Step here to access the beginning of some of the best shopping zones in Paris!

Day trips from Paris:

With the presence of RER trains which connect all the suburbs of France, you should definitely chalk out day trips to  Versailles and Disneyland.
Your journey to Versailles would cost you 7 Euros. Reach the Palace of Versailles ( Château de Versailles  ) which is around half an hour from the station.
The court of this Palace was a hallmark of all the political power, till the royal family was forced to return to the capital in the lieu of French revolution. Before the revolution, the complex included palatial structures, royal gardens , rooms once used by Louis XVI’s queen Marie Antoniette, the Hall of Mirrors ( a central gallery with mirror clad sculptures and arches) You would need a ticket to have a glimpse of these masterpieces.You could cross the royal gardens by foot or using mini trains/electric cars  that roam around the expanse. Admission to the grand apartments,Trianon Palace and Marie Antoniette’s estate would cost around 18 €.

While in Paris, do not miss a visit to Disneyland. With various parks offering a ton of delights, choose your fantasies – get clicked with your your favorite cartoon characters, explore over seven resort hotels, get the experience of thrilling rides in various sections of the park and chew the best candies in the world!
Explore the Disney village for various shopping and entertainment avenues.




                                                                        Exploring Disneyland!
You could explore other cities of France from Paris. Day trip packages to Loire Valley ( around 2 hours away) and Bourdeaux ( around 4 hours away) would be available as per your requirements. While Loire valley is famous for its beautiful river valley and sprawling castles, Bourdeaux vineyards would narrate the story of some exquisitely popular vines of the world.
Exploring Paris would take time, savor every enjoyable delight and all the beautiful architectures. You would definitely come back saying, ‘Paris, Je’t aime!’.

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