Places to visit in Mauritius

View from Catamaran cruise

Read Travelisma’s account of places to visit in Mauritius. Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean is a treat for travellers in terms of its beauty and diversity. There are a number of beaches, reefs and lagoons. Besides, the number of adventure activities you could indulge in is enthralling!

Here is a list of places to visit in Mauritius, each of them would take you a day to behold the different aspects of this charming island.

South Mauritius:

Ship making factory at Curepipe:

The tour of South Mauritius starts with a visit to the Ship factory, where you would find adroit workers busy in the creation of model ships. These ships are hand made, and the staff would explain the various stages of shipbuilding. There is an entire gallery, where you would find such prototypes, and you could surely purchase a souvenir for your family and friends. Do not miss out on the variants of exquisite stones displayed in the form of beautiful jewellery!

ship making factory

ship making factory

Volcano gazing :

The Murr’s Volcano (or  Trou aux Cerfs) is a dormant volcano, which was active around 2 million years ago, during the creation of Mauritius. It is believed that the volcano would be active again in the next thousand years. Although access to the volcano is quite less and could be dangerous, get around and gaze at the 80 metres crater, and get clicked!

volcano at Mauritius

Volcano at Mauritius

Jyotilingham temple and statue of Mangal Mahadev:

The statue of Mangal Mahadev is a 33-metre high sculpture guarding the entrance of Ganga Talao. Ganga Talao is a lake, in the heart of Mauritius and is considered sacred by the Hindus residing in this island.  It is believed that there are remnants of the holy river Ganga, which flows in India, in this lake. Whereas the Jyotilingham temple stands on the banks of this sacred lake and gives a glimpse of the Gods and Goddesses worshipped in India. The temple is an arena of peace.

Mangal Mahadev

La Vallee des Couleurs

La Vallee des Couleurs is a popular nature park in Mauritius. It is famous for its adventure activities, and most importantly for the 23 coloured earth which embellishes the park. This unique geological feature is a display of various colours of earth, in the forms of bands. It is believed that these colours are the result of soil erosion and the disparate sands never mix!

The nature park is accessible via quad bikes, jeeps and buggies (Check prices here). While ziplining would give you an aerial view of the beautiful park and the Chamarel waterfall, going around in quadbikes and buggies would give you a closer view of the multi-coloured earth. The Chamarel waterfall is the highest in Mauritius, with a height of around 100 metres.

23 colored earth

North Mauritius:

Port Louis:

Port Louis , the capital of Mauritius is its economic and administrative hub. There are a number of local shops to explore, along with an insight into the history of the city. There are many important buildings around, which function as the main governmental bodies. These are the main places to visit in Mauritius, in the northern zone of this island:

The Champ de Mars Racecourse :

Itis a popular horse racing track in the heart of Port Louis. The main aim of setting up this horse racing club was to reconcile French settlers with the English administration. As time passed, this course became a hub for horse riding enthusiasts, with various competitions being held at the foot of the hills. The racecourse is the second oldest in the world and showcases the statue of  King Edward VII by the sculptor Prosper d’Épinay, and the Malartic Tomb, an obelisk to a French governor.

Fort Adelaide (or La Citadelle):

This fort was built in 1832 by the Britishers, to harbour the city from enemy attacks, and prevent any kind of civil war with the French settlers on the island. The fort is small and ancient, but it promises to give you some breathtaking views of the city!

Fort Adelaide

Le Caudan waterfront:

It overlooks the harbour of Port Louis and has some exciting places to dine in, and shop around. Besides, a subway connects the Le Caudan shopping complex to the market area of the city, which bustles with activity and offers an insight into the local ingenuity.

Caudan waterfront

Catamaran Cruise :

Do not miss catching a catamaran cruise while on the Le Caudan waterfront. The cruise is a delight for those seeking a relaxing getaway. While on the cruise, you would be served with tea and snacks. Sailing around, catch some beautiful views of the sun setting and rainbows glorifying the island’s sky. Dance to the tunes of these magical views and get yourself clicked on the cruise. This journey would last for around two hours.

It would take a total of 7 to 8 hours to go around these important places of North Mauritius.

View from Catamaran cruise

View from Catamaran cruise

Ile Aux Cerfs

It is its most popular island and tourist destination of Mauritius. Lying in the largest lagoon of Mauritius, it offers some of the most breathtaking views of nature and water activities that would make you feel the rush of thrill. Here are some of the places to visit in Mauritius around the Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius:

Visit the Belle Mare beach:

The Belle Mare beach is just half an hour away from the Ile aux Cerfs and is a hub of various water activities. Parasailing is one of its kind. The trained staff would help you to kick off your journey from a speed boat, somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Fly high and enjoy the panoramic views as you sail above the clear water and majestic mountains. Do not indulge in this activity if it is too windy. At a depth of around 3-5 metres. prepare to land yourself on the ocean floor. Your guides would help you in settling down with a helmet for oxygen supply, a heavy belt and slippers. Get a view of the beautiful corals, fishes and life beneath the sea.

ile aux cerfs

Visit the waterfalls

Cruise towards the crystal clear water of the Eau Bleu Lagoon and go for activities like snorkelling. Your journey would start from Trou d’Eau Douce to the middle of the lagoon, where local operators would help you to get ready for this activity. Snorkelling would give you a view of the beautiful reefs and underwater life. The best option is to process with another speed boat from the Ile aux Cerfs island to the Grand River South-East Waterfalls.  Your boat would take you around the falls and give you a beautiful view of the falls on one side, and the vast ocean on the other. The price of visiting the waterfalls is 900 rupees per person.

ile aux cerfs

ile aux cerfs


The incredible two-hour experience in this submarine would take you beneath the water and give you a glimpse of the amazing coral reefs and aquatic life. Enjoy the view of the Ocean 35 metres below the sea level. The excursion costs around 4400 rupees per person. You would be given all the safety precautions and clothing equipment. Do not forget to click pictures!

Casella Nature Park

From zebras to ostriches to a breathtaking variety of birds, the Casella Nature Park has it all! While kids would find the 4D show intriguing, adults would gush over their experience of walking with lions. The park is at an hour’s drive from the east of Mauritius. Explore the variety of wildlife by hopping on a safari bus. It would give you glimpses of and lions and huge tortoises. Interact with rhinos, tigers and feed giraffes in their abodes. Rent a quadbike or go for mud karting around the park.








Other activities

You would find a plethora of activities to do in Mauritius. Some of these include parasailing, snorkelling, kayaking and coral reef gazing in a boat furnished with a bottom made of glass. These are a must for your perfect vacation!

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