The Real Italian Pizza Company, Bath : Restaurant Review

Name: The Real Italian Pizza Company, Bath

Location: Bath, England

The restaurant is located in the heart of this small city, in the market near the Pulteney bridge. It is surrounded by a number of small eateries.

Highlight: Boasts of some really good ‘award-winning’ wood-fired pizzas.

How’s the food?

The Real Italian Pizza Company, Bath has some amazing pizzas to eat! These are cooked in the traditional Italian way, with fresh toppings and soft goat cheese baked in wood-fired oven. This not only lends a delectable quality to the pizza you would be eating but also a craving in your heart to get another bite of this dish. Among the side serves, Bruschetta is one of the best among them. There is a collection of drinks and wines as well, that you could choose from, as per your taste.

How’s the ambience?

I would rate the ambience as ‘good’, though not the ‘best’. There’s a provision to sit outside if you do not want a place within its quarter, but sitting inside is fine if you want to relax and enjoy the sight of your pizzas being cooked!

How’s the service and pricing?

Great, yes it is. You would get freshly cooked meals in the minimum amount of time. Most of the items on the menu lie between 10-15 pounds, which is almost equivalent to what you would find in the other popular restaurants in the city.

The staff is great and makes sure that there is nothing unattended. Toilet facilities are clean.

Overall,it’s a great place for dining and relaxation. So go for it!

Overall rating:


(1 point extra for the pizza!)


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