Romania’s best places and food : An interview with Iulia Falcutescu


Exploring some of the best countries in Europe? Romania, a country in Europe is known for its medieval towns, fortified castles, and grand mountains. Besides, Romanian food is a treat to the senses. Here are all the tips and directions that you would help to chart your itinerary in a better manner!

Iulia Falcutescu , a travel blogger from Romania ( tells us about the best places to visit in Romania and her guidance would prove surely helpful to plan your itinerary!

You belong to Bucharest, and sure your articles are great. Which places according to you should a traveler visit to Romania if he stays there for one month?

I must admit, in one month, you might get to see about a quarter or less of the beautiful places that Romania has to offer. But, if I were to create the perfect itinerary for a traveler in Romania, I would go with a different region every week.

First off, you have the southern region of Romania, what we call Muntenia (or Vallachia, as you can find in history books). The southern region is particularly to be visited by those travelers who are interested in culture, history and Romanian folklore. In these parts, you can find beautiful ceramics, old Roman cities or villages where the old traditions are still kept. In this region, it is the architecture that shows how many foreign occupants the country had, starting with the Romans and moving on to the Ottomans. You can find examples throughout the region, still standing and willing to tell their piece of history.

                                                    A glimpse of places to explore

The second region to be visited in Romania is Transylvania. Known as the land of Dracula, the region has much more to offer. The cities of Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Cluj (just to name a few) are incredible examples of, again, culture, traditions, history, and art. The architecture is exquisite, and the history of the locations is intertwined with the history of Romania, which makes them interesting locations to visit for history lovers. Apart from that, the region is mainly a mountainous region, therefore, a traveler will definitely find breath-taking sceneries, hiking trails to conquer or old remote villages to explore.

A little more about the Romania culture and traditions.

Moving even further, the northern region of Romania is where time stands still. There you can find old wooden churches, people who still go to Sunday mass dressed in traditional outfits and that keep traditions alive. Maramures and Bucovina, both located in the north of the country are particularly interesting because of these traditions, the churches, and the monasteries. UNESCO even recognized the intricate artwork and woodwork that define these regions and added some of the locations on their world heritage list.

The last, but not least region is the “wine country”. The eastern part of the country, known as Moldova, is famous for its vineyards and green hills. For those wine lovers out there, the region has various sorts of wines, just perfect for tasting. Not only that but, again, some traditions are still kept in the older villages and it is really fascinating to see the various differences between the regions, in terms of customs, outfits or behaviors. The eastern region also covers the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta, a wonder of nature, perfect for those travelers who are more interested in nature and the beauty of it.

Tell us about some of the best places for Romanian food!

In Romania, there aren’t any particular places for foodies to go to. Each of the regions presented above has their own dishes to try out. What is really interesting in Romania, in my opinion, is that we managed to use the influence that various occupants (such as the Ottomans) had on our cuisine and make it original by adding some typical Romanian spices or cooking it in another manner. Romania is definitely a foodie’s heaven and this is clear for everyone once they see with how much love the Romanians cook and eat.

What are the most viable budget travel options in Romania?

In comparison to other European countries, Romania is fairly cheap. In terms of transportation, even rental cars go at a lower price than in most of the other Eastern European countries. Moreover, even if the public transport is not the most reliable one (in terms of schedule), it still takes you to the most secluded places. In terms of accommodation, there are options for everyone – from 5 starts hotels and resorts to agro-turistical homes, where travelers are hosted by farmers or villagers. All in all, it is definitely cheaper to visit Romania then, let’s say any other Western country.

As a travel blogger, how do you choose the best places for your readers?

Admittedly, I do not choose my travel destinations based on the readers of the blog. The blog was actually created to tell the stories of my travels, so I do that after each place I visit. Whether it is only through photos (I am just in the middle of creating a section on visual guides only!) or through written stories, I prefer to maintain the autonomy to decide where I am going next. Mostly, the places I visited are places where I have never been before. There are some locations in the world, where I would definitely go back anytime, but mostly, it needs to be somewhere new to get my attention.


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