The best scenic coastal drive : Great Ocean Road

Stretching for about 250 kilometres along the Southern Ocean, the Great Ocean Road is one of the best scenic coastal drives in the world. Enjoy the sight of maverick waves,  majestic  hills and splendid colors merging in the sky to give a perfect view!

Go for a full day tour!

In this drive, you would get a chance to visit a number of mesmerizing natural carvings in the ocean. Go for a full day tour with AAT Kings, they could pick you from your hotel (if it falls in their list) or you could join them at Federation Square, Melbourne for a twelve hour long journey through heaven. The trip begins at 8 a.m and ends approximately around 8 p.m.Fare begins at $169 for adults and $85 for children.

Main stops of the drive:

Lord Arch Gorge
 This place is not only about two huge cliffs, with the waves rising, hitting them and then falling back to their own level, there is a  much more historical meaning to this place. The gorge was named after Lorch Ard, a ship which faced a wreck, and only left two survivors behind, Tom and Eva. It is said that  Tom  risked his life in the attempt of saving Eva. And so this teenaged boy did! And this is commemorated till date, at  the Lord Arch Gorge.

The Apollo Bay

It is another tourist attraction , where you can go about shopping, and foodies can relish the famous ‘Fish and chips’ of the Oz. How about sitting near the seagulls on a windy day like this, sipping your coffee and viewing the large hills in front of you? Well, the feeling is amazing indeed.

The sight of the Koalas and Kangaroos would not let you sleep so easily.  All way long, you will keep on adoring every new attraction that comes in.

Port Campbell

 It  is another small attraction along the coast, and harbors the London Arch on the way. The London Arch is a small bridge, which probably got separated owing to the process of erosion.  Glimpsing all around, the lush vegetation never fails to fascinate you . Perhaps, people staying near this small port would be so lucky,to live in a place,so close  to nature!

The Twelve Apostles

The  ending credits of the journey are constituted by some  natural clusters, the Apostles, just at Port Campbell’s offshore . These are basically limestone rocks, which got separated from their well formed parent rocks , and have now formed  some of the most interesting isolated structures, standing straight and sturdy, in the ocean.

You could even opt for a helicopter ride, which is easily available in one of the many helipads present there, which would give a memorable view of the Apostles. These Apostles are worth a  visit, they are still eroding, and who knows when time would end the presence of these wonders!
On your journey back to the city, you would definitely wish to relive the beauty you have discovered during the day.Cheers to nature for showing its heavenly side with such elegance and tranquility!

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