The Edinburgh Castle : A walk through history

The grandeur of this fortress holds in its heart, the vision of historical moments that glorify the saga of Scottish history.
The castle acted as a defender of the city since the 11th century and stands on a rock, high above the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is probably the most attacked and most besieged place in the chapters of British history.
What to see?
A guided tour would take you around all the important landmarks of this castle in a very short span of time. One of these landmarks is St Margaret’s Chapel, which is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. It is named after St Margaret, who eluded to Scotland after England was attacked in 1066.
The National war Museum of Scotland is also housed in this castle, with exhibits ranging from various treasures to artillery , depicting the stories of Scottish wars.
Visit the Royal Palace, the birthplace of James VI, who later became the King of Scotland and united the crowns of England and Scotland.
The Scottish War Memorial pays a tribute to those Scots who sacrificed their lives in various wars.

What’s special?

Do not miss out the one’o clock Gun, which is a canon shot fired at 1 p.m everyday  from this castle, a tradition followed since 1861 ( except on Sundays and Good Friday).

The castle is also host to the Royal Military Tattoo, which is an annual celebration inviting people from around 50 countries. Musicians and performers from around the globe gather to celebrate this colorful event with pomp and show.  Tickets to this annual event could cost you from £130.00 to £370.00.

Entry fee:

Entry to the Edinburgh castle is subject to these ticket prices, which could change over time:
Adult (16 – 59 yrs)£17.00
Child (5 – 15 yrs)£10.20

How to reach?

Various bus lines from the city of Edinburgh would transport you to your destination.
These bus lines stop near the castle (Bus -26,27,41 and 900).
Visit the castle not only for its splendid history, but to capture some mesmerizing views of the city as well!


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