Top 10 Best Desserts to sweeten up your Christmas!

christmas deserts

Christmas is just a month away and the world is busy with its preparations. We present to you, ten desserts you would love this year. This will add enormous flavors to your celebrations!

1. Cranachan

It is a classic Scottish dessert. Generally, it is made using whipped cream, honey, whiskey, raspberries and oatmeal soaked overnight in whiskey. Earlier it was served during summer but these days it is served on all special occasions, Christmas being one of them. It is a quick and easy Scottish dessert.


Try this at  Cranachan Cafe

Get the taste of Scottish cuisine, sandwiches, Christmas afternoon tea and Cranachan at  Cranachan Cafe, Glasgow.

Address: 52, Princes Square, Buchanan Street Glasgow

And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipie here

2. Biscochitos

These are traditional Christmas cookies, with their roots in Mexico. These are butter cookies made of lard and flavored with the exotic aroma of cinnamon.

Christmas would be incomplete without these thick sugar cookies in your jar!

Get the taste of best Biscochitos at Golden Crown Panaderia:

With its variety of flavors like Chocolate, Sugar-Free and Blue Corn, you would love the sweet taste of these cookies at this bakery! Have a look  

Address: 1103 Mountain Road Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA

And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

3. Christmas Pavlov

Pavlov is a special kind of Christmas pudding, made of egg white and whipped cream. Not to forget the layers of fruits and berries that embellish the delicious dessert! This is a popular Australian dessert, which has found its place in the hearts of people and is eaten especially on the occasion of Christmas.



Try exotic Pavlovs at Balducci restaurant, Cape Town:

This restaurant offers you a delectable three-course meal, followed by one of the best fruity pavlovas.

Address: Shop 6162 Lower Level, Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront, Breakwater Boulevard, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town


And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

4. Struffoli

Struffoli is the offspring of Italian cuisine, with dough, honey and sweet ingredients mixed to form marble shaped balls. On the day of Christmas, people cook these balls for their friends and family. These are molded to take the shape of a Christmas tree or wreath.

The tradition has been continuing since long in Italy and is even making its way in other countries on this festive occasion!

It is available at almost every Italian restaurant!

And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

5.  Danish pastry

Sculpted with dough, eggs, flour, sugar and a lot of butter, Danish pastry is a special Christmas dessert. It was introduced in Denmark by Austrian bakers, which is called Kopenhagener Plunder or Dänischer Plunder in Vienna.

These pastries are quite popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. On the occasion of Christmas, these are enjoyed by topping them with chocolate, icings, nuts, and almonds!

For the best Danish pastries, try this bakery Lagkagehuset

Set up in a beautiful location, this bakery boasts of a variety of bread and delicious Danish pastries!

Address: 45, ChristianshavnCopenhagen, Denmark

And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

Danish pastries come in all flavors:

Almonds, Guava Pastelitos, cheese or Cherry cheese, lemon danish, Cinamon and many more! Check them here:

6. La Madeleine

Madeleine is a traditional sponge cake that originated in France. The shell-shaped depressions arise from the molds they are prepared in. These cakes are a concoction of butter, eggs, sugar, almonds, and nuts or lemon zest. These are prepared and seasoned in different manners to match up with the aura of Christmas.



This Christmas, locate the famous restaurant chain La Madeleine near you, as many of the stores would be inviting people over for a yummy Christmas. With their tasty Madeleine cakes and festive offers, it would be a delightful idea indeed!

Locate the nearest store at Lamadeleine

And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

Check out the various varieties of traditional Madeleines offered by St Michel, Donsuemor at Amazon

7. Irish potato candy

Well, there’s an irony here. Neither do these candies belong to Ireland nor do they comprise of potatoes!Though they resemble potatoes, with coconut cream on the inside and cinnamon on the outside. These potato candies are famous tradition on St Patrick’s day. Yet they are equally famous on the occasion of Christmas, being a classic delicious dessert!


And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

8. Wagashi


Wagashi, a Japanese confectionery item, is treated to eat and look at during Christmas festivities. These cute little balls also called ‘gifts from Santa’ come in a variety of colors and shapes.

Basically, these are made up of fine rice flour, jam, and food colors.


The best place to get Waghashi at Tokyo is Echigoya Wakasa:

It is a Japanese sweet shop which was found various decades ago and is pretty popular with people for special kinds of Waghashi.

9. The Great Canadian Christmas Toque

Canada celebrates Christmas with flavor of this delicious cake, topped with red and white maple leaf icing. The cake is molded to mimic knitted patterns, with a pom pom on the top. It is a delight to see and taste!

The word toque means ‘a knitted winter hat’ and thus the cake is a representation of the same.


And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.

10. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are love of people around the world! This fried confectionery item is available in supermarkets, bakeries. On the occasion of Christmas, they are available in all sizes and colorful shapes to make your taste buds crave for it!



Krispy Kreme is offering some festive Christmas doughnuts: Rudolf reindeer, festive sprinkles, and Santa belly would be available from November 27 to December 31!

Locate the nearest store today at Krispy Kreme

And if you wanna try this at home check it out the recipe here.


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